T&G Corporation is multi-skilled, dynamic, and dedicated to exceeding your business expectations by working with you across all phases of your project. We specialise in supporting the mining industry, with an integrated and sharp focus on structural detailing, mechanical, piping and civil engineering disciplines.

Our industry-focused team is innovative and diverse comprising engineers, 3D modellers, animators, drafters and design professionals who customise and deliver large scale mining projects from concept to operation using our technically advanced, state-of-the-art ONE-STOP-SHOP business model.

About us

Engineering Drafting & Shop Detailing 3D modelling Animation Prototyping Project Support

We are efficient in civil, structural and mechanical engineering. Our engineering scope covers loading calculations, static/dynamic analysis frequency analysis and analysis reporting.

We also assist with design analysis and review during the 3D preliminary layout.
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We specialise in providing accurate 3D model visualisations that allow clients to review and change their design prior to construction.

We save more than 30% of costs by standardising our software across disciplines, enabling us to easily convert 3D models into 2D drawings.
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We provide a professional Drafting and Shop Detailing service which enables engineering precision for fabrication, delivering high level accuracy and quality in our products.

Our services include full documentation from item part drawings to marking plans, complete with NC files and documents for purchasing and delivery processes.
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Project support involves:

• Project scheduling
• Assisting with technical queries
• Supplier liasing for technical information
• Resource estimation analysis

We share your goals to be effective and efficient, we are constantly evolving to deliver cost savings and value for money over the life of a project.
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Animation is an effective form of communication capable of summarising or translating complex and extensive documentation into a simple and easy to understand medium.

Animation allows you to visualise situations & locations that are dangerous or difficult to reach/film.
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We provide precise 3D printing, painting and assembling of your design with optional electronic gears, motors and control systems for automating your design.

New 3D scanning technology enables the conversion of existing objects to a digital format for reference or reproduction by 3d printing and laser cutting of additional or replacement components.
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Engineering 3D modelling Drafting & Shop Detailing Project Support Animation Prototyping
Red line
  • Fast-Track

  • Quality

  • Transparency

  • Cost Effective

T&G Corporation has an impressive project portfolio that encompasses the resource, building and construction industries. Our business focus features fast tracked project management, excellent quality assurance and a permanent “open-door” policy for our clients. Having a totally integrated service means delivering cost effective and fast tracked projects as everything we do is done at one location. We are proudly West Australian owned and operated but with a global approach that enables us to bring you the world’s best technology and expertise.

We offer user-friendly online resources so you can follow the progress of your project every step of the way, enabling issues to be predicted and identified early, saving time and money by minimising or eliminating on-site rework. With almost 2 decades of dedicated industry experience, we identify and apply the right technology to your project based on the most current research and development backed up with unrivalled attention to client care and service.

Bentley Award - Innovation in Mining & Metals

Working with the 3D model enabled T&G to visualize seamlessly with other software, enabling T&G to add value for Fortescue Metals Group. Modelling in 3D saved an estimated 30 percent in time compared to designing solely in 2D, with an overall cost savings of about 20 percent. For more information, please click here.  - Bentley Company



  • Auto Cad
    Auto Cad
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  • 3D Max
    3D Max
  • Advance Steel
    Advance Steel
  • Navisworks
  • Plant 3D
    Plant 3D
  • Prosteel
  • Solid Works
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