About Us

T&G Corporation was established in 1997 and is Western Australian owned and operated. Our team of industry experts offers 3D Modelling, Engineering Consulting & Drafting services. Importantly we provide an integrated and state of the art ONE-STOP-SHOP solution for large scale mining projects from concept to operation.

3D Modelling

T&G Corporation specialises in technically advanced 3D Modelling. Our 3D modelling provides conceptual visualisation of mining plant models in relative scale, allowing clients to view every detail from plant layout to the nuts and bolts. The 3D models accentuate accuracy in engineering, design verification and alteration before any construction takes place, to minimise rework on site.


T&G s Engineering team delivers high quality civil, structural and mechanical engineering services to assist in design verification in the course of the 3D Modelling phase. All aspects of the design cycle for steel and concrete structures are provided for, including loading calculation, structural design, static and dynamic analyses, foundation design and reporting. Our Drafting & Shop Detailing services make engineering precision available for parts fabrication. We provide exceptionally professional service, and importantly we deliver on time without compromising product quality.

Animation and Model Prototyping

Animation and Prototyping services allow better understanding of plant processing, safety, constructability, servicing and maintenance in the mining and other resources industries. We provide professional video production, animation and highly detailed automated scale models that assist visualisation of our detailed 3D models T&G has steadily grown over the years to a corporation with more than 100 team members. Our fast project turn-around, high quality outputs and transparent cost structure, deliver a cost effective solution that minimises clients' investments prior to construction.

Our T&G Corporation team holds deep respect for every one of our clients and applies strong business integrity to every project on which we work.