T&G Animation is a full service animation studio specialising in architecture, mining, oil, gas and large infrastructure projects. We provide our clients and equipment suppliers with spectacular promotional and educational media. Our animations are a highly effective tool that showcases your products to clients, government departments or investors. The combination of Creatives, Designers, Animators, Engineers and Draftpersons create a well synchronised in-house team of professionals delivering technically accurate, high resolution, quality content.

Animation Training Facilities

Animation is a highly effective form of visual communication, capable of summarising or translating complex or extensive documentation into a strongly visual, informative and easy to understand medium.

Motion graphics, when used as an instructional tool, provides a powerful option to inform and educate. This highly effective form of communication streamlines conventional training and, for example, reduces manpower during plant handover and maintenance.
Animation enhances the effectiveness of safety training by minimising the cost and time required to understand complex plant operations.

Animation also helps to visualise locations that are difficult to access and safely demonstrate hazardous procedures in a well controlled environment.
All productions are crafted at our state of the art facilities in Perth, Western Australia. Our powerful software, hardware and on-site render farm are capable of producing numerous productions simultaneously.

T&G Animation can securely and confidentially complete client requests with a high degree of confidentiality, speed and accuracy.
Animation Training Facilities


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