Our ONE-STOP-SHOP features 3D modelling, Engineering, Drafting, Shop Detailing and Project Management. We combine our products, services and expertise speeding up projects to save you time and money and partner with you at every level to deliver solutions customised to your needs. Our Engineering and Drafting teams worked closely together on all projects, we continually evolve our work practises into a highly streamlined approach, resulting in ultra-efficient practices.

At T&G, our business integrity and client dedication is second to none. We encourage our clients to follow and review job details and project modules by logging on to our secure system. Additionally, we welcome client’s representatives into our workplace to liaise with our team ensuring clear communication, contact and direction throughout the project’s life-cycle.

3D Modelling Engineering Drafting Project Support

T&G Corporation specialises in 3D modelling. Our state-of-the-art technology provides conceptual visualisations of mining plant models to life-size accuracy, allowing reviews and alterations to plant layout prior to the detailed engineering and construction phase.

This standardisation enables us to convert 3D models to 2D drawings and transfer data easily between our modelling, engineering, drafting and shop detailing departments, reducing and eliminating errors and the time needed for re-working: A cost effective solution saving more than 30% of actual costs
Our engineering team is ultra-efficient in civil, structural and mechanical engineering. During the 3D preliminary layout, our engineering team assists with design analysis and review.

Our engineering scope covers:
• loading calculations
• static and dynamic analysis
• frequency analysis
• analysis reporting.
We provide a professional Drafting and Shop Detailingservice that delivers quality, engineering precision for fabrication.

Our services include full documentation from item part drawings to marking plans, complete with NC files and documents for purchasing and delivery processes.
Project support involves:

• Project scheduling
• Assisting with technical queries
• Supplier liasing for technical information
• Resource estimation analysis

We share your goals to be effective and efficient, therefore we are constantly evolving to deliver cost savings and value for money over the life of a project.
3D modelling Engineering Drafting & Detailing Project Support
Red line
  • Fast-Track

  • Quality

  • Transparency

  • Cost Effective

T&G Services

In addition to our core services, we provide further supporting products and educational material in the areas of safety, training and marketing utilising our in-house Animation and Prototyping facilities. We can provide professional videos, animation and highly detailed, automated scale models to further assist with the visualisation of our detailed 3D drawings. These highly visual and tangible teaching aids make education and training more engaging and effective than other document or slideshow based methods. Read more...

The strength behind the unique combination of services at T&G Corporation has been to engineer a system that standardises software across all disciplines. This has enabled us to seamlessly convert 3D models to 2D drawings and transfer data easily between our modelling, drafting and shop detailing departments, minimizing errors and the time needed for re-working. This method has proven successful as a cost effective solution that saves more than 30% of actual costs.